Best Local SEO Services In Fredericksburg

fredericksburg seo marketingMany people ask us about finding the best Local SEO Fredericksburg and its surrounding areas have to offer.

We love to help people get the most return on their marketing dollars, especially when it comes to search engine optimization. We decided to put an article together to explain exactly how to get the best Local SEO Fredericksburg can provide!

How Can I Get The Best Local SEO Fredericksburg Has To Offer?

To truly get the most out of your Local SEO efforts, you have to make sure your plan includes these three things:

Specific content of multiple types that is relevant to the targeted areas,Not using video content? Just one more SEO blunder it’s time to fix!

Regular updates to that content with relevant new information related to the target areas, amd

Submission to the most used “local search” web-resources in your industry (for instance, Google Maps & Yelp!)

Want to know more about how you can put the three steps to work in your Local SEO Fredericksburg efforts?

Keep on reading and I’ll explain!

Specific, Targeted Local Content

First of all, as our on-page optimization article shares, you must target only one keyword per web page.

What does this mean?

It means that if you’re going to be targeting the phrases “Somerville Carpentry” and “Brookline Carpentry,” you should have separate pages on your site for each keyword.

These pages can not be a copy of eachother with the word “Somerville” switched out for “Brookline”; each page must be unique, and have worthwhile information. This alone is a fantastic foundation for getting ahead of your competition, who more than likely is missing out on these crucial points.

Regular Updates To Targeted Content

Not sure how to implement this content in a way that’s unique for each page? Try writing a summary of projects that you have done in those areas!

If you’re a carpenter, and have done a carpentry project for even two or three different clients in the area you’re targeting, it wouldn’t be hard to write a testimonials page for each area you’re targeting.

There are many different ways to incorporate local, targeted keywords into worthwhile content, if you need any help, just contact us and ask!

Local Search Web-Resources

We’re going to continue with the carpenter example here and make a simple suggestion:

Get yourself on Google Maps, Google+, Facebook, Yelp!, and any other free, powerful resource that is pertinent to your business.

There are two keys to doing this wisely:

Make sure your page appears clean and professional, and

Make sure the resource you’re submitting to is pertinent to your businessQuality, targeted content is the key to getting the best Local SEO Fredericksburg has to offer!

If you’re going to take the time to make a page or an account with these resources, make sure that it reflects on your business in a positive and professional manner.

You’re not going to all this trouble just to give people a bad impression about your business because you:

Made multiple spelling errors,

Didn’t post a simple picture of your logo, or

Didn’t share pertinent information (like your phone number or hours)

Additionally, the resource must be pertinent to your business, and it really ought to have enough traffic to be worthwhile. Focus on the big names – Google Maps, Facebook, and Yelp! If you’re a restaurant, don’t miss out on websites like Urban Spoon.

If your industry or sector has its own networking tools (something like LinkedIn), use that knowledge to your advantage, and get on there!

When you take these three steps in your efforts, you will be well on your way to getting the best Local SEO Fredericksburg has to offer!

Three Steps In The Right Direction (To Getting The Best Local SEO Fredericksburg Has To Offer)

Make sure that all of this is the primary effort of your service providers’ plan if you’re outsourcing/hiring out your SEO. Read this article to learn more